How To Make Sure You Tires Are Ready

As the school year starts, it’s important to take a few moments to make sure your car is ready for the daily commute to drop your kids off. The last thing you want is a problem with your car to arise while your kids are inside. So, we are providing some simple tips of things you can do that will greatly reduce potential complications that may happen to your car.  Though these tips might seem simple, they are vitally important to the life of your car and the safety of all those riding inside. 

1. Check Tire Pressure 
Always be sure to keep an eye on your tire pressure, either by watching the light on your dash or by checking it out manually. When you fill up your tire, consult the owner’s manual so you know exactly what psi to fill it up to. A tire that is overinflated can be extremely dangerous, so always be vigilant and cautious. 
2. Get an Alignment 
If your car is not aligned properly, it can drift into other lanes without you being aware. Needless to say, this is not something you want happening while behind the wheel. A quick way to determine if your car needs an alignment is to take your hands off the wheel while in a safe area, and see if your car starts slowly drifting. If it does, it’s time for a visit to your local VW dealer to ensure it is properly maintained.  

3. Have Your Tires Rotated  
Tires are used differently and because of that they wear down in separate ways. This could be a problem if you do not rotate your tires to different spots. Otherwise, your tires will wear down much quicker and you’ll find the handling of your car noticeably decrease. 

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