Don't Leave Your House Without These Apps on Your Phone

These days, there are tons of technology options that can change the way you drive your car. In fact, automobile technology is changing so fast it can sometimes be hard to even keep up with it. Did you know VW's Forward Collision Warning system will alert the driver of any oncoming collisions and even apply emergency brakes when necessary? 

But it's not just technology inside your car that is changing, your phone holds a world of useful and entertaining information that can be gained from just the tap of your fingers. We have put together a list of the apps every driver must download. These useful apps can help you in a variety of key situations, whether you are stranded on the side of the road, or just need to save a few bucks on gas. Read through this list and then put these all on your phone before you leave the house. 

Find You Car with AR: Do you ever forget where you parked your car? Fess up, it happens to the best of us. But the days of wandering to different levels in a parking garage are long gone thanks to the app Find Your Car with AR. This app uses virtual reality technology to find your car in a crowded parking lot 

GasBuddy: Have you ever wished there was an easy way to find the cheapest gas around you? Well, that’s exactly what the app GasBuddy does. With a simple search on the app, you can find the lowest price on gas anywhere around you. You can also report on gas prices yourself to ensure the most accurate information. 

AAA Mobile: This app is invaluable if you are a member of AAA. Having the app one touch away on your phone makes it so easy to call roadside assistance and take advantage of the many other options AAA offers. If you are a non-member, you can still download the app and take advantage of the trip planner options. 

myCARFAX Car Maintenance App: You’ve probably used CARFAX in the past to check up on the history of any vehicle you’ve considered (if you haven’t used it before, you definitely should.) This app makes checking a car’s history much easier, and even lets you report on your own car’s maintenance history.  
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